• Time goes by so slowly


    I forgot to mention in my last post – my Goal starts as of February 1st for posting here. With packing, moving and working I didn’t think it was fair to set myself up for failure in the first 4 weeks of the year :)

    Now I am going to sit on my bum and have some well deserved rest after packing a bunch of boxes tonight and taking down another set of shelves :)

  • Goals for the Year


    I set personal goals for 2009 and I managed to complete most of them. I am getting brave this year so I decided to post my goals for 2010 in this public forum, you’ll notice I said goals and not resolutions. I like goals because I can map out a game plan on how to succeed. By making them public I know they are up there and maybe someone will ask me about them.

    Here they are:

    1. Run a 10K race – in under 50 minutes in May
    2. Run a Half-Marathon – in under 2:15 in Sept
    3. Play hockey at least 3 times before March
    4. Design 1 thing per week (doodles count), can’t be related to work
    5. Post 1 blog entry about cooking per week
    6. Post 1 blog about life/running/anything per week
    7. Complete one personal PHP project (on the board right now is a budgeting site for personal use, to replace my spreadsheet)

    I think this is a reasonable list for this year. I have already registered for the two road races, and funny as it is my hockey buddy called me last week to setup a meet-up to play shinny on hockey this past Thursday night.

    The one goal I am worried about is writing here, I always want to use this as a place to improve my writing but I get embarrassed. I also think about all the great bloggers out there and get discouraged when I compare what I do to them. I always think ‘what can I offer?’ I have decided to try to focus on two topics, cooking which I do all the time and enjoy immensely and running, which I am fairly new at, so I am always learning. I will of course add in random posts about life too keep it interesting.

    Enough of doubting myself. I have goals and I plan on seeing them through.

    Here goes!

  • Memory Lane


    Started spending time cleaning up duplicate images and files. What a trip down memory lane. Found all kinds of pictures I forgot about!

  • Yeah I know


    Again with the changing! Trying out Wordpress as the CMS for my site. We’ll see what happens :)

  • The Queen of Hearts, Loved her Tarts!!


    Hot out of the ovenSomething in the air got to me, it was a perfectly delightful crisp morning doing my Pranayama breathing exercises, and the day continued to be just as gorgeous. It didn’t get to hot, I was productive at work, what more could a boy ask for? A tart of course.

    A couple weeks ago, and old high school friend posted pictures of a scrumptious looking tart he made. This got me thinking about all my tart fiascoes. I am decent at pastry related things. Even had a chef telling me I should think about going to school for pastry, back when I was still in the business. I have never had good luck with tarts, I fear the crust, which knows when you fear it.

    I also have an obsession with lemon filling. I would eat it by the bowl full if I was allowed to. Again I have a fear of lemon filling, I seem to over/under cook it. I just can’t seem to get it right.

    I decided that the best idea for this glorious day was to combine my two fears into one lovely

    Nicely carmelized

    dessert, to surprise Hayley when she got home. That sounds like a smart idea doesn’t it? In this case it actually was, the tart turned out good, not great, it needs a little tweaking and I did over cook it just a smidgen. BUT it tasted yummy, and the crust is very tasty. This recipe will live to see another round, I am thinking it will be at the family Christmas dinner I am currently planning for the family gathering in Winnipeg, MB this year.

    On to the recipe. I grabbed this from Food & Drink, which has a good track record in my books for successful recipes.I actually didn’t change anything on this recipe the first time, because of the aforementioned fear.

    Lemon Tart – From the Holiday 1999 Food & Drink magazine

    To finish this one off, Hayley made a fresh blackberry sauce, it just added to the yumminess of this one!

    What would I change?

    1. Use a little less lemon zest
    2. Add a tiny bit more sugar
    3. Watch the tart a little more closely when it is almost done to make sure I don’t over cook it.

    Not many changes, and a successful tart. What cooking fear should I tackle next?

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